Shiatsu Infrared Heated Back and Neck Massage
Shiatsu Infrared Heated Back and Neck Massage
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Shiatsu Infrared Heated Back and Neck Massage


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Enjoy a pleasant massage anywhere you like with the wireless neck and shoulder massager. Its soft cotton-like material will wrap you in gentle heated massage without being trapped by a power cord. With its approximate 2.5 hours battery life you’ll be enjoying massage wherever and whenever you want. Don’t hesitate to try using your Massager for massage along your calves, thighs, lumbar, and neck-and-shoulders. Its 8 heated massage heads work at selectable speeds to effectively and deeply massage the targeted ache or pain. The included wall adapter is small and doesn’t take much space. Its modern elegant Japanese design shows the attention to detail.  is simple to set-up, simply power it on and you’re ready to go, and the fact its light weight and wireless makes it a breeze to take with you. The weighs 4.4lbs and is 18.5 x 11.8 x 6.7 inch, not so small its ineffective, not so big it’s cumbersome. It plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet for charging with its power adapter (included).it is made with premium grade Fabric, foam, and a plastic housing keeping it lightweight. The fact it is made with premium components means its built to last.



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