Portable Nebulizer silent Inhaler
Portable Nebulizer silent Inhaler
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Portable Nebulizer silent Inhaler

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Say goodbye to breathing problems! Get the on-the-go cutting edge Portable Nebulizer Inhaler. No longer will you have to carry bulky devices for your breathing treatment. The Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is a mesh type nebulizer for treating the upper and lower respiratory tract. It works great for those with asthma or breathing difficulties. The nebulization and inhalation of medication prescribed by a physician can prevent diseases of the respiratory tract, treat the side effects of these disorders and accelerate healing.


Adjustable Airflow Control: Equipped with two airflow control options that are easily adjustable to match your needs. Low is recommended for babies and children and high is recommended for adults and teens.

Automatic Power Function: The AidPure Nebulizer Inhaler is easy to operate and can easily be turned on with a push of a button. The device has an automatic switch-off function. To prevent damage to the mesh, the device switches off automatically when the medicine/liquid has been almost entirely used up.

Portable Convenience: The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is small and lightweight, making it extremely convenient to carry and use at home, during work, vacation, business trips, sports, or anytime when it’s needed.

One Stop Solution For All: The AidPure is suitable for all ages as it comes with 2 different nebulizer sizes, one for adults and one for children. It also comes with a mouthpiece for maximum medicine or vapor consumption.

Multi-Purpose: The AidPure Portable Nebulizer Inhaler is multifunctional and can be used for both breathing as well as deep skin facial hydration.

How To Use:

  1. Put in the batteries or connect with a USB cable. Pour the liquid medicine into the cup module. Then, assemble the mask or the mouthpiece.
  2. Turn it on by pressing the power button. Press the push button and it will spray mist. Once you are done, press the power button again to turn it off.
  3. Do not use the device if the medicine container or water tank is empty.
  4. When cleaning, do not use running water to rinse the water storage cup. The host can not be washed with water.
  5. Do not use sharp objects such as toothpicks or cotton swabs to touch the spray nozzle.


  • Medicines should only be inhaled if instructed or prescribed by a physician.
  • Inhalation should be performed in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply to enable the medicine to reach the small bronchi deep into the lungs.

★ Specifications:

Liquid medicine residue: ≤0.5mL
Atomization speed: ≥0.25ml/min
Atomized particles: about ≤3.7μm
Medicine cup capacity: minimum about 0.5mL maximum 10mL
Noise: ≤50dB (A)
Working frequency: 110KHz±10%
Power consumption: 2.0W
Power configuration: DC5V/1000mA USB power cable or 2*1.5V (2 section No. 5 AA alkaline, the product does not include batteries)


Model Number



14.0 cm * 11.0 cm * 6.0 cm



Suitable for

kid / adult



Atomizing speed


Medical Cup Capacity

>0.5mL & <10mL

Atomized particles




Power Supply 1

Battery 2x AA(not included)

Power Supply 2

USB Charging

Feature 1


Feature 2

Portable Nebulizer

Feature 3

nebulizer machine

Feature 4

inhalator nebulizator

Feature 5

nebulizador portatil

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Portable Nebulizer silent Inhaler

  1. א***ה

    fast arrival, easy to operate with no noise at all. Recommend!

  2. A***y

    וואוו!! Simple product excellent, silent, more large amount of steam. Compact and portable. I really recommend!!

  3. S***k

    Wow!! perfect product! Arrived within two weeks, small and very quiet

  4. N***k

    good packing and fast shipping tnx to store. doesn’t use yet. this product was recommended by another people with positive recommendation

  5. H***r

    very small.not making any noise at all! fast shipping! can’t wait to use it loll

  6. O***n

    Got it fast. Did not use yet, friends use very praise

  7. ש***r

    Much like in the picture The product arrived wrapped in the shape is very beautiful like shown in pictures. The product arrived very fast I highly recommend store this וכדאי you order it.

  8. M***k

    very good one, I love it, very quiet and easy to use

  9. Y***v

    Device excellent! Silent, highly recommended! It’s fast, all packed well. Thank you very much to the store

  10. Customer

    Small, no electricity needed, quiet Perfect for inhalation

  11. A***n

    works perfect.. no sound at all .. thanks you very much

  12. S***n

    perfect for my 8 months old baby. u need to buy saline and add, no noise very easy to use

  13. Customer

    Wery fast delivery, lovely product, super quiet and children friendly. Thanks

  14. O***n

    Excellent. Works super. Recommend!

  15. A***o

    Wonderful product , fast shipping my kids love it! Free shipping super speed,

  16. S***r

    Looks good we’ll check how it is … Fast delivery Thank you store 🙂

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